Buffalo Racing

What would you think when someone asks if you want to go buffalo racing? Something similar to horse racing maybe but without the jockeys. Of course it has to be without riders because who, in the right mind, would happily sit on top of a buffalo as it raced along a track.

Race Time

Race Time

Well, it appears that there are plenty of people willing to take part in this sport, a sport that must be unique around the world. Starting on October 26th in Chonburi province, Thailand, less than 100 kilometres south of Bangkok, is the annual Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival. 

The buffalos are coaxed down a straight track with cheering crowds roaring them on and it’s the job of the jockeys to stay on and ride their beast at the fastest possible speed. Entrance is free and there is usually a mixture of locals and tourists who come to watch. This year (2015) is the 144th time this event has been held.

Miss Buffalo Beauty Pageant

Miss Buffalo Beauty Pageant


Aside from the races there are also other events such as the Buffalo Beauty Pageant. For more information contact the local authority here.

Meanwhile, here’s what it looks like!


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