Have you ever visited these??

Have you ever visited some of the less well know Khmer Temples in Buriram Province. Most tourists head to Phanom Rung and Muang Tam, some venture to Wat Khao Angkarn but very few see more than those.

Located in Non Din Deang, the southern most part of Buriram Province in Prasart Nong Hong. It’s next to the reservoir know as Lam Nang Rong (which isn’t in Nang Rong so don’t be confused!). As you follow the track from the main road this Hindu Sanctuary is on the right hand side in the grounds of the local college and is not difficult to locate. It comprises of three brick towers on a laterite base, with all the towers facing east. It’s believed that this sanctuary was built in the 11th century as it’s constructed in the Baphuon style.

very atmospheric

very atmospheric

This is a small site but it makes for some great photographic opportunities and is free to visit. While you are here, continue to the reservoir at Lam Nang Rong and enjoy some fabulous food. In the hot season large numbers of locals come here to enjoy dining by the water as well as cooling off in the reservoir.


Twenty minutes north from here in Pa Kham, on the way to Nang Rong, we found the site of Prasart Khon Ngio (Ngiu). It’s signposted as you leave Pa Kham heading north. As you turn into the modern temple site look to the far right hand corner. If you find the monks’ accommodation then the temple site is hidden behind that!

Wander and climb all around

Wander and climb all around

It’s a small site with one main structure, built as a Mahayana Temple, with a square wall surrounding it and evidence of a small pond to one side. There are large numbers of rocks all around the outside which look like they were once numbered but you feel some more excavation work needs to be done. It’s officially a medical station, one of many built during the reign of King Jayaraman (1181-1218). Again, it’s a good place to climb around and take some photos.

When the weather gets warmer….

It appears that the latest craze in Southern Isaan is for Water Parks and so when the weather gets warmer, here are some ideas of where to cool off.

In Buriram Province, the Play La Ploen Boutique Resort has become established as a great place for families to spend a day, or longer, enjoying the multitude of activities on offer. Located about 35 kilometres north of Buriram Town on the road to Phutthaisong (just north of Khu Muang), the park offers a selection of adventure sports and water sports to keep kids and adults amused all day. There are activities for all ages and there is a hotel onsite too. Wall climbing and zip lining are just two choices and you can buy a ticket that includes everything or you can pay separately for each event. There is food and drink available onsite and there is even a hotel attached too.

A Fun Day Out

A Fun Day Out








About the same distance to the south of Buriram, the recently opened Siriya Park is a few kilometres to the west of Prakonchai Town, on the road to Nang Rong. It opened in 2015 and has a couple of pools and a choice of slides. Again, fun for all the family with food and drink available.

Closer to the town centre is the Water Play Park in Baan Yang, a few minutes out of town on the road to Satuk. Similar to Siriya, there are slides and two pools. There is also a shaded area for parents who would rather relax than enjoy the cool water. (I wonder if they could ban wifi here!).

Away from Buriram, there is a children’s water park open at The Mall in Korat. The pool is surprisingly large and features some long water slides and plenty of shade for the parents to hide under. I imagine that kids can play, assuming they’re able to swim, while the parents eat and shop.

Most recently opened is the water park at The Greenery Resort in Khao Yai (Nakon Ratchesima Province). This large water park has a huge wave pool, a great selection of slides and plenty of space to chill and watch everyone having fun. It opened in the last week of January 2016 and looks like being a huge hits with the tourists, both local and international. There is accommodation onsite and plenty of options around the area too.

Looks like fun!

Looks like fun!







If you just wish to swim, of course there are some public pools around. Buriram Town has an Olympic size pool and Nang Rong has a public pool too. Most hotels will also let you make use of there pools for a small charge.

Enjoy the upcoming hot weather. Get some sun cream and have a fun day out.


World SuperBikes in Buriram

Coming very very soon, the World Super Bike Circus will be hitting our home town, Buriram. Following a visit from “The Doctor”, Valentino Rossi, last month, to check on the facilities, the town is gearing up to host its biggest ever event. Join us and welcome the 2015 World Superbikes to Buriram.

Excitement is mounting as the town of Buriram continues its rise to be the sporting capital of Isaan (the north-eastern region of Thailand). Over the weekend of 20/21/22 March 2015 there will be practice sessions, qualifying, warm-ups and, finally, two adrenaline filled, high speed, exhilarating races of the Sunday, all in front of a capacity crowd of nearly 50,000 people. One lap of the Grade 1 track is just over 4.5kms in length with 12 corners, a mixture of sweeping curves and tight turns.

We expect people to come from all over the world and stay around the town of Buriram (and the nearby towns of Nakon Ratchesima, Surin and even Bangkok and hope that they experience and hospitality that Isaan, and Buriram in particular, are famous for. For those needing some help with their travel, please contact us. Buriram can be reached by road, plane, bus and train so make a choice and enjoy the journey.

The track itself is about 6kms from the town centre, located adjacent to Thunder Castle, aka the New I-Mobile Stadium, home of the mighty Buriram United (current Thai Premier League Champions). Currently, there is a game scheduled on the Sunday evening, after the final race. Stick around and support us as we take on SriSaket, one of our local rivals.

If you are one of those fans who plan to come and see us, stay around for a few days. Visit the nearby sights of Khao Khadong in the town and the fabulous, ancient Khmer Temples of Phanom Rung and Muang Tham, a short 30 minute drive from the town. Enjoy the local cuisine, chat to the locals and sample our nightlife. Popular places to chill out include the Motown Bar, the Bus Bar and many others. For those who like some live music there’s Tawan Daeng and if you want to have a little dance you could join the younger crowd at Speed Disco.

Surin Elephant Round Up

Surin Elephant Round Up


Ready for action

Ready for action

Every year on the 3rd weekend of November, one of Thailand’s most wonderful events takes place. Sadly, it’s visited by very few tourists as it’s in the north-eastern province of Surin, about 450 kilometres from Bangkok, or 5 hours by car but it should be in every tourist guide and on everyone’s list of things to experience.

Surin is a typical rural Thai province, where people earn their living from the land and mostly lead simple but comfortable lives. It borders Buriram to the west and Srisaket to the east, with a border to Cambodia to the south. The Surin folk speak a mix of Issan (Lao) and Khmer and continue the cultures and traditions that have been passed to them over time.

Surin, as a province, has become synonymous with elephants and every year in November, homage is paid to these wonderful animals in the form of a festival. It’s called the Surin Elephant Round Up but it’s not a collecting of pachyderms, it’s a collection of them.

On the morning on the first day, there is a parade through the town and for me this is the most enjoyable part of the whole festival. It’s a little like waiting for the circus to come to town back home. Hundreds of elephants, of all sizes, walk through the town, ending up at the Elephant Buffet Breakfast, a fair feast of bananas, leaves and any other fruit that is

Just a wafer thin snack...

Just a wafer thin snack…

available. It’s a marvelous time to get up close and personal and rides are also allowed for a small fee.

Over the weekend, outside the city, the Si Narong show ground holds events including battle re-enactments, shows and sports events, all used to show the strength and mobility of these wonderful beasts. There are also displays on the domestication of the elephants, every life living with them and their relationship with Surin Province.

If you are available at this time (November 14-16, 2014) please make your way up here and enjoy the fun.

Who's the Ref?

Who’s the Ref?