Have you ever visited these??

Have you ever visited some of the less well know Khmer Temples in Buriram Province. Most tourists head to Phanom Rung and Muang Tam, some venture to Wat Khao Angkarn but very few see more than those.

Located in Non Din Deang, the southern most part of Buriram Province in Prasart Nong Hong. It’s next to the reservoir know as Lam Nang Rong (which isn’t in Nang Rong so don’t be confused!). As you follow the track from the main road this Hindu Sanctuary is on the right hand side in the grounds of the local college and is not difficult to locate. It comprises of three brick towers on a laterite base, with all the towers facing east. It’s believed that this sanctuary was built in the 11th century as it’s constructed in the Baphuon style.

very atmospheric

very atmospheric

This is a small site but it makes for some great photographic opportunities and is free to visit. While you are here, continue to the reservoir at Lam Nang Rong and enjoy some fabulous food. In the hot season large numbers of locals come here to enjoy dining by the water as well as cooling off in the reservoir.


Twenty minutes north from here in Pa Kham, on the way to Nang Rong, we found the site of Prasart Khon Ngio (Ngiu). It’s signposted as you leave Pa Kham heading north. As you turn into the modern temple site look to the far right hand corner. If you find the monks’ accommodation then the temple site is hidden behind that!

Wander and climb all around

Wander and climb all around

It’s a small site with one main structure, built as a Mahayana Temple, with a square wall surrounding it and evidence of a small pond to one side. There are large numbers of rocks all around the outside which look like they were once numbered but you feel some more excavation work needs to be done. It’s officially a medical station, one of many built during the reign of King Jayaraman (1181-1218). Again, it’s a good place to climb around and take some photos.


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