It’s Boat Racing Season in Buriram

Long Boat Racing returns to Buriram Province at the end of October with the weekend’s fun starting on the 31st October and finishing on the 1st of November.

If you’re anywhere close by, head up to Satuk District, about 40kms north of Buriram Town and get down by the river.

The boat racing takes place on the Mun River over the two days with long boats being catapulted along the water by crews of between 30-60 people ferociously paddling for the honour of being this year’s champions. The teams come from all over the province as well as from other provinces and it’s a spectacle of colour, passion and all fueled by the odd glass of “Lao Khao”, just for medicinal purposes.

Jump in your car, grab a picnic and come and enjoy the fun.

It's a colourful occasion

It’s a colourful occasion

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