Local Businesses in Nang Rong

Internet shops

There are many internets shops in Nang Rong if you need to send any messages or chat to friends. I’d suggest trying to avoid using them after 4.00 p.m. as they tend to be filled with teenage gamers and are therefore busy and noisy!

Cakes and Coffee

There are now plenty of coffee shops in Nang Rong. There are one or two near the main lake but if you fancy a sweet snack then look for Lady Cake, on Pakdiborirat Road where they make the finest cakes and sweet snacks in Nang Rong. The owner and chief cake maker speaks good English and is very helpful. They are specialists in making designer birthday cakes. Yummy.

On the north side of the lake there is also Homing. It’s a popular place for an afternoon ice cream and has a nice view.


Hockee is Nang Rong’s only supermarket style shop. It’s on the road out of town, heading west and sells most things.

7/11 and Tesco

In Nang Rong there are 3 7/11 stores and a Tesco Express, all open 24 hours a day and selling the usual things; drinks, food, snacks and personal items.

There are also lots of small mini-markets for everyday things such as drinks and snacks.


All the main banks are represented here, either on the main street through the town or heading south from the main crossroads in the centre of town. They all have ATMs and a limited foreign exchange service. If you need Western Union service, please check Western Union in Nang Rong


There are plenty of places to buy clothes at very decent prices. Walk along the main road and you’ll see some under cover markets close to SCB Bank. You can also find more boutique style places close to the main market. Every 7/17/27th of the month a large market springs up near the bus station.

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