Thai Premier League – 10 years from now.

Where will

Buriram's new player?

Buriram’s new player?

we be in 10 years time. Well, the Thailand League of Premier (as it’s now called) is based in Issan as all the teams in BKK have quit because their fan bases disappeared when gold was discovered in Kalasin making this the richest place in the world. The Udon Down Unders are the new guys on the block, with a complete team of players with one Thai parent and one Australian parent. Each team has become a representative of their local population with the Buriam Brits still the team to beat, although they are now being run by the next generation of the Chidchob dynasty from their safe house in Kensington, London. The Khon Kaen Canadians reflect their heritage and are still trying to convince people that playing on ice is more fun and practical in the summer. The Sakon Nakorn Swiss are climbing the mountain that is success at the newly sponsored Chang Ice Cream Cup. Finally, the Nakon Nowhere boys are still trying to locate their fathers!

Back in Bangkok and there is an attempt to bring football back but since Thai Port’s PAT stadium was over taken by the rising waters of the Chao Praya River and Chonburi had to move their ground further inland, all the way to Poipet (they are now the Poipet Porpoises) there seems little chance of a revival happening.
In the real world, Buriram United have completed their 15th consecutive treble season but have not yet managed to get out of their AFC Champions League group, despite being drawn against teams from Borneo, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands.
Enjoy Songkran and stay wet!

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