Time to get some exercise

If you live in Nang Rong or you’re here on a visit and you feel it’s time to get some exercise, then this is for you. We already know about the lake where you can take a walk around and the public swimming pools for a little recreation but now we also have something new.

Recently, a new gym and fitness centre has opened in Nang Rong and it’s got the funky name of the SoFit Fitness Centre. It has a fully equipped gym (with bikes, running machines and a whole lot more), a large outdoor pool, a studio for dance and exercise classes and a restaurant with a┬ámeeting area too. There are trainers available for all exercises and it’s open from 10.00 a.m. to late in the evening. Classes can be booked at the centre and if you want to attend on a certain day we recommend reserving your place.

Anyone for exercise?

Anyone for exercise?

It’s been open for a few months and offers a variety of membership packages, both monthly and yearly, depending on which facilities you need to use. Friends of ours who have been say it’s quite busy for classes in the evenings and if you’re a swimming fan, like me, and enjoy doing lengths of the pool then go in the morning as it’s virtually impossible in the evening. There are still some promotional offers for new members offering a trial and a taste of the healthy lifestyle.

Get fit, meet some friends and have a delicious meal afterwards in their lovely restaurant. There’s a good selection of healthy food (isn’t most Thai food healthy?) all at very reasonable prices.

(The centre has a Facebook page but I don’t suggest you use the map to find them. It’s a little out of place! Try calling the number and asking for directions.) It’s actually very close to the main traffic lights in the centre of town, of the north-west side.

The Car Park!

The Car Park!


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