When the weather gets warmer….

It appears that the latest craze in Southern Isaan is for Water Parks and so when the weather gets warmer, here are some ideas of where to cool off.

In Buriram Province, the Play La Ploen Boutique Resort has become established as a great place for families to spend a day, or longer, enjoying the multitude of activities on offer. Located about 35 kilometres north of Buriram Town on the road to Phutthaisong (just north of Khu Muang), the park offers a selection of adventure sports and water sports to keep kids and adults amused all day. There are activities for all ages and there is a hotel onsite too. Wall climbing and zip lining are just two choices and you can buy a ticket that includes everything or you can pay separately for each event. There is food and drink available onsite and there is even a hotel attached too.

A Fun Day Out

A Fun Day Out








About the same distance to the south of Buriram, the recently opened Siriya Park is a few kilometres to the west of Prakonchai Town, on the road to Nang Rong. It opened in 2015 and has a couple of pools and a choice of slides. Again, fun for all the family with food and drink available.

Closer to the town centre is the Water Play Park in Baan Yang, a few minutes out of town on the road to Satuk. Similar to Siriya, there are slides and two pools. There is also a shaded area for parents who would rather relax than enjoy the cool water. (I wonder if they could ban wifi here!).

Away from Buriram, there is a children’s water park open at The Mall in Korat. The pool is surprisingly large and features some long water slides and plenty of shade for the parents to hide under. I imagine that kids can play, assuming they’re able to swim, while the parents eat and shop.

Most recently opened is the water park at The Greenery Resort in Khao Yai (Nakon Ratchesima Province). This large water park has a huge wave pool, a great selection of slides and plenty of space to chill and watch everyone having fun. It opened in the last week of January 2016 and looks like being a huge hits with the tourists, both local and international. There is accommodation onsite and plenty of options around the area too.

Looks like fun!

Looks like fun!







If you just wish to swim, of course there are some public pools around. Buriram Town has an Olympic size pool and Nang Rong has a public pool too. Most hotels will also let you make use of there pools for a small charge.

Enjoy the upcoming hot weather. Get some sun cream and have a fun day out.



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